Too easy?

May 6, 2010

Once again thinking about social media and the connections it leads to. Socially, we are now able to actually connect to people we only read about or see on TV or in a movie. We can connect and maybe even respond to them, their inner musings, their thoughts on what is going on in the world. It’s surreal for me. I could never imagine Audrey Hepburn tweeting, “Hanging around in the jammies tonight, what are u doing?” or Richard M. Nixon, “waiting on a room at the Watergate here in DC”

The world is so connected that there are really no secrets, no real opportunity to be quiet, to enjoy silence, and perhaps even to simply, not know something. Ask Jessie James, Tiger and well, you get what I mean.

For me? I love the connections. I enjoy meeting fellow readers from Scotland or Italy and having year long relationships and connecting with them where I would never have met them in another time. It freaks me out but I love it. I enjoy knowing what is trending, what is new on Amazon, new music, new books and people’s reviews are a stroke away.

BUT, (isn’t there always a but), then I worry, do we go too far? Is it too easy to connect, to find information out, to “spy” on things and people we have no right to spy on? Do we spend endless hours connecting in front of a monitor or phone instead of in person. Are our language skills improved or harmed by all the slang, text speak? How many of our teens prefer to text then speak on the phone these days?

I am sure there will be many studies and in another decade or so we might find out if there is true harm to our society in general but for now? I think it has to be up to us to use our integrity and simple basic human skills to understand when it is better to speak in person, stop, listen or tune out.

There will always be the questions and few answers at this point but knowing and being informed so easily and quickly, it’s too great a temptation to give up and losing this connection would be too great a price. Instead, I hope we all learn to use the connection and sharing wisely, politely and hopefully for good.

For me? I am going to continue to learn and use social media to connect and intertwine with folks from around the world. I will spread messages about products I use and love and those I was disappointed in. I will share a book I found and a restaurant to visit, a play to see. I will also share non profit and charity news. I will enjoy the connections and people I will meet along the way, understanding that they are human beings and I must take care to remember that always.

What is your social media connection like. Do you over use? Is it your addiction? Or do you use it to inform and be informed, meet and share? Could you ever give it up?

Turn Around….

April 23, 2010

High School Graduation for my daughter coming soon. I think of it like the song Turn Around.

“…turn around and you’re tiny, turn around and you’re grown…”

“Where ARE you going my little one, little one?” And I too wonder.
She , on the other hand is so excited and ready to move on it’s almost settling my regrets, nerves, sadness…almost….

This is a moment of true definition for “bittersweet” , I am proud, excited AND happy but can I get just one more glance at that little girl dancing around in circles, chatting with her “Barnee”, talking with “Pooh“, laughing at “Arthur” and his friends?

Can I get another glance at the vision of the tiny hands rushing to her adorable pink lips shaped in a big O as she sees Tigger in person, bouncing around right before her shocked rounded utterly innocent eyes.

It’s all about one more chance for me but I know, it’s not possible. And to juxtapose in the most harsh way is my Dad, her G-Pa facing dementia and the final sunset of a life well lived.  I am not sure how to face the mixture of the two worlds but I know at times there is great pain in my heart and at other times such joy.

I am guessing THAT is THE definition of life’s journey and I am happy that at least I am a part of something so wonderful as facing my beautiful baby girl’s further step into adulthood and my memories of a man that did so much and had such talent and I have so much love for.

I am lucky.


For those of you that would like them,

Here are the lyrics for Turn Around and I recommend Nanci Griffith’s version, of course you can download it on YouTube

Where are you goin’ my little one, little one?
Where are you goin’ my baby my own?
Turn around and you’re two
Turn around and you’re four
Turn around and you’re a young girl
Going out the door

Turn around
Turn around
Turn around and you’re a young girl
Going out of the door
(Turn around and you’re a young wife
With babes of your own)

Where are you goin’ my little one, little one?
Little dirndles and petticoats, where have you gone?
Turn around and you’re tiny
Turn around and you’re grown
Turn around and you’re a young wife
With babes of your own


Where are you goin’ my little one, little one?
Where are you goin’ my baby my own?

Hello world!

April 19, 2010

So, starting a blog. Thought about it for a while now and read so many that I could not imagine what I would say that was different or even better.

But then I thought, isn’t that what blogging is all about?  Sharing thoughts, articles, muses with people that might not get to see you or for that matter, even meet you; but sharing…that’s the key. And sharing can be endless and frankly, quite intoxicating.

So, for my first attempt at writing something worth while in a blog; I will attempt to share some perspectives in my world and my teen daughter’s world. Funny how alike we can be but see things very differently. So, at times, I will share my perspective about something and she will share hers. Other times I will simply muse over something that I cannot keep from thinking about over and over.

I hope you will like what you read and comment freely. That’s the best part, sharing.

Thanks for being here when you can. I will enjoy seeing/hearing from you.